Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Golden Gate Bridge or Bust

We are feeling like a couple of kids before Christmas....only THREE MORE SLEEPS until we begin our spring tour!  We are giddy with excitement and anticipation, yet are also feeling a bit apprehensive. Another year older....another year wiser....time will tell!

I often giggle to myself as the start of a tour reminds me of being pregnant.  (I know Rob can't quite relate, but after 28 years of marriage he smiles and humours me when I talk about it!  :)  Once you announce you are pregnant, it never fails that people have to share labor horror stories.  You know the ones in which women are in labor for 72 hours, then have a c-section and end up with large, colicky triplets!!!

The same often happens with cycle tours....you hear stories and research blogs where well intentioned folks talk about torrential rain, unending hills, mechanical failures, lack of food, navigational errors....etc., etc.  We try to block these thoughts out, and remind ourselves of the joys of a tour....the anticipation of not knowing who you will meet, what lies around the next corner, the thrill of finding a campsite at that exact moment your legs give out...and the pure, pleasure of finding fresh fruit and cold water.....not to mention the opportunity to explore and discover nature!

And so, with only 3 sleeps to go, our train passage is booked, our gear is ready and the count down has begun.  Our goal is to travel by train to Portland, and then cycle  the Willamette Valley (famous for wineries and breweries - we have been warned this section may be difficult to get through quickly).  The Willamette Valley is the first official scenic bikeway in the United States.

With detailed maps like this....what could possibly go wrong?
From Eugene, Oregon we will head to the coast and then point our bikes south.  If all goes according to plan, we hope to celebrate the end of the trip by crossing the Golden Gate bridge and enjoying a feast at Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco.  As always, we would like to thank our family and friends for their support and good wishes.  On those long, slow upward climbs into the wind the positive energy you send our way is sometimes the only thing that keeps us going!

Thanks for following our blog.....we appreciate the support!

Jane and Rob


  1. Hi Jane and Rob,
    Have a great ride exploring the trails and enjoying the ice cream. xo Rena
    Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance you must keep moving.
    Albert Einstein

  2. Thanks Rena.....I will be sure to order an extra large double chocolate chip ice cream cone in your honour! great quote!

  3. Off to a great start. Enjoy the ride and stay safe.